Nightscape of JAPAN

Starting the TV program -Nightscape of JAPAN- at TABI Channel of satellite broadcast. Traveling around cities, world heritages, starry sky, fireworks and so on all over Japan.

ep.9 Mar.10 24:30-
Shinshu(Nagano) / Kurashiki

In Nagano Prefecture surrounded by high mountains, there are scattered three-dimensional night views created by mountains and urban areas. You can also enjoy historical culture night views such as National Treasures, Matsumoto Castle and Narusamicho's post office town Narai Inn. Let's go on a journey around Shinshu, seeking a night view where nature, history and urban areas coexist.
Kurashiki city is the core city of Okayama prefecture which continues to develop as the essential part of sightseeing, industry and transportation. Historic streets along the Kurashiki River Aesthetic Area will be popular as a tourist attraction. The Mizushima area has a coastal industrial area, forming a huge industrial complex. In addition, the Seto Ohashi Bridge connects Honshu and Shikoku. Let's go on a journey around Kurashiki where you can find various night views.

ep.10 Mar.24 24:30-
Kita Kyushu-I / Kita Kyushu-II

File.15:Kita Kyushu-I
Kita Kyushu City Moji Ward is located at the northernmost tip of Kyushu and continues to develop as a key point of transport between Kyushu and Honshu. Mojiko retro in the center is maintained in Taisho retro style, and the cityscape is beautifully lighted up at night. It is also one of the attractions of Mojiru that there are many night view spots such as Mojiko Port Retro Observation Room and Mekari Park. Let's go out for a walk around the Taisho Romant night.
File.16:Kita Kyushu-II
Kitakyushu city has Kitakyushu industrial area which is one of the four industrial areas. We will go around the huge factory group that will continue to operate without rest, 24 hours a day, 365 days a day from the sea and land. In addition, attractive nightscape spots such as High Tower, Wako Ohashi and Kurosaki Castle Rock are scattered, and among them the magnificent panoramic night view from Mt. Let's go on a trip over the night view of Kitakyushu city.

next coming ep.9 and ep.10 in April 2018

High Resolution Photography

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Tokyo Nightscape 8K sample by Youtube

8K, Night view of TOKYO


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