Beyound the Planetatium

With the theme of renovation of unused space, we will hold an exhibition with models and images of the concept of Kazuya Inami, an architect. We are collaborating with the ceiling and model image projection display as the landscape and starry sky of Ishigakijima and Haterumajima in the summer.

venue : Gallery TEN, free entrance
Duration : 26 May - 30 Jyne (10:00-18:00 Closed on Sundays)


Monnlight Night/Amatsukinoyomi

independent production

This is 360degree VR video by full 3D. Let's go on a journey around the night view under the moonlight. From the Izu Peninsula, the night view of Mt. Fuji and the early cherry blossoms of South Izu, the sparkling night view of Yokohama Minatomirai and the historic townscape of Kawagoe City and finally the Miyakojima of Okinawa Prefecture.
It is a completely new real photography VR works that you can experience realistically the terrestrial and townscape three-dimensional and perspective, the depth sense of space and the spread of the sky. Sky artworks using time-lapse and starry sky blend with various video scenes. A pleasant melody by kico and ben of music unit Sailla col creates a gentle VR space.

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WEB application that transmit information on sightseeing spots and tourist facilities throughout Japan started. In this service you can experience the landscape in various places in Japan with VR images. Please download the application to the smartphone and enjoy it. (In charge of VR video production)


Nightscape of JAPAN

ep.10 May.26 24:30-
Fireworks and Bamboo Light Night in Nagaoka / Mt.Fuji

File.23:Fireworks and Bamboo Light Night in Nagaoka
In the first half we will introduce Nagaoka Fireworks that vividly illuminates the summer night sky, the second half we will introduce the Echigo Mishima Bamboo Light Street gently lighting on autumn evening. Let's go on a journey around two nightscapes that color the night in Nagaoka city.
Going around the silhouette of Mt. Fuji floating in the moonlight and the night view of each place. Also, at the time of super moon in December 2017, Mt. Fuji is illuminated by the dazzling moon, creating a fantastic world that is unlikely to be a night view. Let's go on a journey around Mt. Fuji and night view.

High Resolution Photography

Taking photographs by deviding areas and then stitching as a large image. This very large image which has hundreds million pixels is the best for landscape panorama.

Time-Lapse Photography

Taking hundreds or thousands photographs and making an animation. You can see the variation of compressed time never see in the usual.

VR Panorama Photography

Imaging whole the direction and space. PlayStation VR or Vive will be the best device to experience.

8K/4K Videos

Creating extremly high resolution video by merging photographs and videos. It is not only 16:9 but also panoramic videos.

VR Videos

This is the super high resolution VR video by applying the technic for creating high resolution video. It will provide you the immersive world and new experiences!

360° 3D VR

3D VR as photography technique.

Starry VR

A full star by extreme high resolution VR.

Tokyo Nightscape 8K sample by Youtube

8K, Night view of TOKYO

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VR video creations, 4K or more higher resolution creations etc...
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