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4K / 5K : 5120 x 2880, suits for Apple 5K retina display and 4K high resolution display.
HD : 1920 x 1080, suits for full HD display and for PS3 and PS4.
iPad / iPhone : 3132 x 3132, suits for Apple iPad series and iPad pro with parallax effect.
8K : 7680x4320, suits for 8K display. Providing 16-bit color version with several trillion colors(TIFF) at a fee.
Image data (jpeg) that can be downloaded on this page (wallpaper.php) can be used freely regardless of profit / non-profit.
However, those who use it for commercial and commercial purposes please inform us of their use in the form or mail .

At The End of Summer
夕焼けの鳥取砂丘。Tottori Sand Dunes in sunset.,壁紙,夜景,高精細,高解像度,wallpaper,night shot,high resolution

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