Art Fiveone | WALLPAPER 
The video works for VR device photographing in Yaeyama Island, Okinawa. Enjoy the highest details by 16K resolution video!(Video for VR is down converted from 16K) And also dome master such as planetarium will be released. See details.

4K / 5K : 5120 x 2880, suits for Apple 5K retina display and 4K high resolution display.
HD : 1920 x 1080, suits for full HD display and for PS3 and PS4.
iPad / iPhone : 3132 x 3132, suits for Apple iPad series and iPad pro with parallax effect.
These images are for only private use. If you want to use for business, purchase license.

At The End of Summer
夕焼けの鳥取砂丘。Tottori Sand Dunes in sunset.,壁紙,夜景,高精細,高解像度,wallpaper,night shot,high resolution


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