TEKAPO, New Zealand VR

Tekapo, a small lakeside town in New Zealand, aiming to be recognized as World Heritage in the starry sky. In 2012, a vast area including Tekapo was certified as a Starry Sky Reserve (Dark Sky Reserve). When the sun goes down, a starry sky appears on the spectacular natural landscape. Now creating a VR video at resolution 16K (including some 8K). Now available at


8Kx8K VR 3D


VR 3D video with a resolution of 8K x 8K is now available on Visbit's advanced and high-quality VR application platform. This stereoscopic VR is encoded and output as separate left and right images, so degradation due to image compression does not occur.
Please enjoy the night scenery of Japan (Kagoshima, Kyoto, Tottori)

Recommended devices:Gear VR, Oculus Go, VIVE Focus, Mirage solo,Mi VR,ODG
Search -Visbit- in the compatible device and install the application.


VR -Sky of Voyager- @ Hotel the view Setouchi

Hotel the view Setouchi

Hotel the view Setouchi has opened on 7 July 2018. Art Fiveone created a special VR contents according to the grand opening.
In this area, which is known for its high sunny weather and beautiful stars, several authentic observatories are scattered and the largest telescope in the Southeast Asian region Sameimei is also located in Mt.Youshozan. The night view of Seto Inland Sea and Kurashiki spreads under the eyes from Mt.Youshozan, and beautiful landscape of Japan remains in the neighboring Yakage.
This VR fully expresses the beautiful scenery and night scenery that change with the season under the full of stars. Even on rainy days, you can experience the best starry sky in VR. And after watching VR, please come up to the rooftop of the hotel. The season and time will surely produce the best moment!

Synthesizing night view landscape with 50K resolution star fileld and finishing with 8K resolution VR video. Music is by kico, joined in 天月ノ詠.

This VR is only for visitors. If you would like to see this, please come to Mt.Youshozan. Booking from here...

High Resolution Photography

Taking photographs by deviding areas and then stitching as a large image. This very large image which has hundreds million pixels is the best for landscape panorama.

Time-Lapse Photography

Taking hundreds or thousands photographs and making an animation. You can see the variation of compressed time never see in the usual.

VR Panorama Photography

Imaging whole the direction and space. PlayStation VR or Vive will be the best device to experience.

8K/4K Videos

Creating extremly high resolution video by merging photographs and videos. It is not only 16:9 but also panoramic videos.

VR Videos

This is the super high resolution VR video by applying the technic for creating high resolution video. It will provide you the immersive world and new experiences!

360° 3D VR

3D VR as photography technique.

Starry VR

A full star by extreme high resolution VR.

Tokyo Nightscape 8K sample by Youtube

8K HDR, Night view

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VR video creations, 4K or more higher resolution creations etc...
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