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Extreme High Resolution and High Difinition Video

As an application of VR imaging technology, it is possible to produce high resolution images (4K / 8K / VR / Dome Master / HDR etc.). With our unique photography know-how and proprietary image construction support application, we can provide images of stable quality smoothly.

  • Imaging the scenery of extreme dark places where moving images are difficult to display with normal photography.
  • Synthesis with Starry Sky.
  • Provision of ultra-high-definition images created from our original VR Starry Sky Library.
  • Online editing using VR technology.
  • It is the biggest feature to visualize landscapes etc which are difficult to express as high definition video by using VR technology.


  • Nightscape of Japan (Turner Japan, 2017-2018)

  • Nightscape of Japan

    This is a 4K quality journey TV program which explores the night scenery throughout Japan. Shooting a wide range of cities, shrines and temples, world heritage, starry sky, fireworks, etc. from city night view to natural night view. It took about 8 months to get to the night sceneries of Japana. In the full story, you can enjoy the relaxed night view with high definition by making full use of VR technology for visualization.


    File.01:TOKYO / File.02:YOKOHAMA

    Tokyo, Roppongi Hills, Odaiba, Bay Area, Yokohama, Landmark Tower, Minatomirai, Bankoku Bridge, etc.



    Takayama, Sanmachi Historical Area, Sky Park, Miyakawa River, Gokayama Ainokura, Shirakawa-go, Hiroshima Hatsukaichi Itsukushima Island(Miyajima), Itsukushima Shrine, Hiroshima Onomichi, Mt.Jyosoji, Mt.Senkouji, Shimanami Highway, Ikuchi Island, etc.


    File.05:OTARU / File.06:HAKODATE

    Hokkaido Otaru, Otaru Cannal, Temiya Line, Mt.Tengu, Mt.Kenashi, Funami St., Hakodate, Mt.Hakodate, Midori Island Park, Yahata St.,Ki st.,Motomachi Park, Mt.Jyoudai, etc.


    File.07:OSAKA-I / File.08:OSAKA-II

    Osaka, Kuchu-Teien, Jyuzo Bridge, Sakisima Cosmo Tower, Shinsekai, Tsutenkaku, Abeno Harukas, Dotonbori, Itami Airport, etc.


    File.09:NAGOYA / File.10:KOBE

    Nagoya, Hisaya St. Nagoya TV Tower, Higashiyama Sky Tower, Nagoya Castle, Kobe, Kikuseidai, Port Tower, Meriken Park, Kita Park, Mt.Gokijyo, Tengu-Iwa, Kitano St., Kobe Bridge, etc.


    File.11:SAPPORO / File.12:ISHIGAKI and HATERUMA

    Sapporo, Mt.Moiwa, JR Tower 38, TV Tower, Odori Park, Okinawa Ishigaki, southern Gate Bridge, 730, Mt.Yarabe, Oganzaki Lighthouse, hirakubo Lighthouse, Taketomi Hateruma Island, The southernmost monument of Japan, Coral Beach, etc.


    File.13:NAGANO/ File.14:KURASHIKI

    Nagano Chikuma, Obasute, Matsumoto, Castle Matsumoto, Plateau Utsukushigahara, Plateau Takabocchi, Shiojiri, Narai Historical Area, Okayama Kurashiki, Seto Bridge, Mt.Washu, Mt.Ryuuou, Mizushima Industrial Area, Kurasshiki Histrical Area, etc.


    File.15:Kitakyushu-I / File.16:Kitakyushu-II

    Fukuoka Kitakyushu, Moji, Mojiko Retro, Mojiko Station, Moji Red Brick Place, Mekari Park, Kanmon Bridge, Wakato Bridge, Mt.Koutou, Mt.Kurosaki, Mt.Sarakura, etc.


    File.17:Kanazawa / File.18:Beppu and Yufuin

    Ishikawa Kanazawa, Utatsuyama, Asano Bridge, Saigawa Bridge, Higashi Town, Nishi Town, Kadue Town, Oyama Shrine, Nagamachi Histrical Area, Yuwaku Onsen, Oita Beppu, Global Tower, Beppu Tower, Jyumonjihara, Yukemuri, Kannawa Onsen, Yufuin, Yuhira Onsen, Sagiridai, Minami Yufu Station, Jyakoshi, etc.


    File.19:Yoshino, Soni and Koyasan / File.20:Kinokawa River

    Nara Yoshino, Mt.Yoshino, Soni, Soni Plateau, Wakayama Koya, Mt.Koya, Kongoubuji Temple, Kinokawa, Mt.Katsuragi, Mt.Ryumon, Koyaguchi, Kudoyama, Hashimoto, Mt.Kunishiro, Machiishimichi, etc.



    Mt.Eboshi, Mt.Yumibari, Mt.Furukawa, Sasebo Port, Hario transmitting station, Mt.Tenjin, Mt.Tenkai, Mt.Himi, Mt.Inasa, Mt.Gongen, Dejima, Vinus Bridge, Mt.Nabekanmuri, etc.



    Miigata, Nagaoka Fireworks, Mishima Bamboo Street, Shizuoka, Yamanashi, Lake Kawaguchi, Mt.Amari, Mt.Daruma, Lake Tanuki, Tagonoura, Lake Motosu, the 5th station of Mt.Fuji, etc.
    Tokyo Nightscape 8K sample

    It is technology established for TV so that you can enjoy VR imaging technology more easily. It is also possible to visualize angle of field that is difficult to express in normal shooting. With our proprietary video support application, we realized faster and more stable online editing.
    We will visualize every sight including the glittering night view of the big city, the night view of the darkest countryside, the inside of the shadow of the dim shrine and the stars full of the sky.

    VR 8K sample

    The VR image of 16K resolution (16384 x 8192, Equirectangular) can be constructed by the VR image technology with ultimate fineness. By downsizing this vast amount of information image to practical 8K or 4K, you can enjoy more detailed image representation.
    Although resolution is limited, 3DVR (top bottom or side by side) can be produced by stereoscopic viewing.
    Visit here for details.

    Dome master is a video format for projecting on a hemispherical dome screen like a planetarim. It is possible to freely create from VR images and output images suitable for all environments regardless of inclined dome and horizontal dome on demand. Making a complete dome master image of up to 8K(8192x8192) from the 16K VR master.