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Extreme High Resolution and High Difinition Video for VR and Dome

VR video is the special video which is recorded 360 degrees all around the space. You can see the free direction by using VR device such as Oculus Go! This VR video source has full information for all the direction, so dome master for planetarium can be export easily what you want.
Taking photographs and videos by devideing area and these files are stiched on computer and creating exteremly high resolution VR video source. The original video size becomes 16K(16384 x 8192 pixels). And more the time-lapse video can be applied on it too.
8K dome-master (8192 x 8192 pixels) can be export from the 16K VR source!

Video Contents for VR

Title NEW ZEALAND -Starry Night in Lake TEKAPO-
Detail Tekapo is a small lakeside town in New Zealand, aiming to be recognized as a World Heritage in the starry sky. In 2012, a vast area including Tekapo has been certified as a Starry Sky Reserve (Dark Sky Reserve). When the sun goes down, the magnificent natural landscape is hidden in the darkness, and the starry sky appears. It is even an illusion that it is drifting into outer space in an infinite starry sky spreading above the horizon.
Category VR by photography, landscape, nightscape
Release Date December, 2018
Format VR
Title Moonlight Night
Detail When the sun sets in the western sky, the full moon starts to rise in the east sky. A brightly shining full moon illuminates the ground and drops a shadow to the ground like the daytime. Let's go on a journey around various night views under the moonlight.
From the Izu Peninsula, the night view of Mt. Fuji and the early cherry blossoms of South Izu, the sparkling night view of Yokohama Minatomirai and the historic townscape of Kawagoe City and finally the Miyakojima of Okinawa Prefecture.
The starry sky spreads on the white sand beach that the moonlight illuminates. As time passes, the Orion seat sinks to the horizon on the west, the Southern Cross appears at the south sky, and the Milky Way begins to rise from the eastern sky.
In full story, creating the night view VR video with 360degree 3D!
Category VR by photography, landscape, nightscape
Release Date May, 2018
Format VR 3D
Title Sky of Voyager
Detail Hotel the view Setouchi has opened on 7 July 2018. Art Fiveone created a special VR contents according to the grand opening.
In this area, which is known for its high sunny weather and beautiful stars, several authentic observatories are scattered and the largest telescope in the Southeast Asian region Sameimei is also located in Mt.Youshozan. The night view of Seto Inland Sea and Kurashiki spreads under the eyes from Mt.Youshozan, and beautiful landscape of Japan remains in the neighboring Yakage.
This VR fully expresses the beautiful scenery and night scenery that change with the season under the full of stars. Even on rainy days, you can experience the best starry sky in VR. And after watching VR, please come up to the rooftop of the hotel. The season and time will surely produce the best moment!
Synthesizing night view landscape with 50K resolution star fileld and finishing with 8K resolution VR video.
Category VR by photography, landscape, starry sky
Release Date July, 2018
Format VR
Title Starry Lunatic Night
Detail It is a VR video work that experiences a spectacular scenery that is illuminated by full stars and starlight. Utilizing the technology to visualize the smooth star movement which can not be expressed in time-lapse and the figure and shade of precise Milky Way that can not be expressed by CG from live action. Also, you can see various scenes such as the starry sky that is visible and hidden between the clouds and the starry sky that blurs in the fog.
Category VR by photography, landscape, tourism
Release Date December, 2017
Format VR
Title Sky, Sea, Star
Detail Enjoying the beautiful landscapes of sky and sea in Yaeyama Islands(Okinawa, Japan) with music and sounds. The video and its precision are created from 16K VR master. You can experience the all new spatiotemporal video by high resolution VR photography and time-lapse photography. Ando more, you can see over 22K original resolution of VR star field in this video which was taken in Hateruma Island.
Category VR by photography, landscape, tourism
Release Date October, 2016
Format VR
Wallpaper | 5K / 4K | HD | mobile |
Nightscape and Star Filed 8K sample by Youtube
VR sample by Youtube

Extreme High Resolution and High Difinition Image for VR Star Field

The star filed described by Art Fiveone is 'REAL' not CG. Merging the techniques of star filed photography and VR photography, the very large and extreme high resolution star field image is taken, and it becomes 23K. This image is different from the image taken by fisheye, the definition keeps the part of edge area. And you can feel the atomosphere including light polution by far city!

Taking photography in the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere and produced a complete full star sky image covering the whole sky. By selecting only the best features of the starry sky from the huge amount of data and compositing and concatenating it as one huge image. With this, any starry sky on the earth can be arbitrarily reproduced.

富士山五合目から見る冬の夜空。夜景。オリオン座。Winter starry sky and night view from Mt.Fuji.,全天周,360度,VR,ドームマスター,プラネタリウム,星景,星空,夜景,高精細,高解像度,wallpaper,night shot,high resolution,360 degree,dome master,planetarium,starry,star

高知県いの町の山奥の夏の天の川。さそり座。Milky Way of summer in mountainous area of Ino Kochi.,全天周,360度,VR,ドームマスター,プラネタリウム,星景,星空,夜景,高精細,高解像度,wallpaper,night shot,high resolution,360 degree,dome master,planetarium,starry,star

3D VR, Zero distance sample by Youtube

VR 360degree 3D

Abstract representation of VR photography is like pasting (projecting) a panoramic image on the inner wall of the cylinder. If it is a representation of a distant landscape, this is enough, but if there is a thing (a foreground object) in the vicinity, the distance information will be missing because the distant view and the near view are projected on the same plane.

With special shooting methods and special video information reconstruction technology, we have established a technology to produce perfect 3D VR images for all directions 360 degrees by live action. In addition, it is also possible to synthesize landscape of distant landscape, starry sky / fireworks, CG, etc. in the background.

Complete virtual reality using live-action video can be produced.

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